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Posted 6/7/13
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Department of Public Works
Contact TypeContact Information
Director of Public Works
Administrative Assistant
35 Worcester Street
West Boylston, MA 01583
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
7:15 am - 12:00pm, and
12:30pm - 2:45 pm
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PRIVATE WAYS - A discussion on Paper Streets and Private Ways was held by the Board of Selectmen at their November 6, 2013 meeting.  Click here to view the presentation on the topic by Jeanne McKnight, Esq., of Kopelman and Paige.

Wastewater Collection System Presentation - given by Weston and Sampson to the Board of Selectmen at their September 7, 2011 meeting.  Click here.

for reporting potholes, road repairs, etc.

Your reports help to keep our streets safe and in repair.

River Road Closed Until Further Notice

beetle.jpgDue to the Asian Longhorned Beetle infestation, no natural wood materials (twigs, leaves, trunks, branches or stumps) can be removed from West Boylston, regardless of whether or not the material is infested.  Please dispose of materials within the town.  See the Leaf & Yard Waste page for information on the 271 Laurel Street Brush Dump.  

Check our Asian Longhorned Beetle page for more information on the beetle infestation.


This notice shall serve to comply with MGL Chapter 7, Section 22; MGL Chapter 30, Sections 51 and 52; 801 CMR 21.00; and MGL Chapter 87 with regards to upcoming tree removals, trees of which have been determined as deceased by certified arborist Trees Unlimited of Rutland, MA. A public hearing will be held by the West Boylston Tree Warden at the 127 Hartwell St Town Offices on December 27, 2013 at 2:00PM. The following deceased trees are scheduled for removal to within one to three feet of the surrounding grade, with stump removal or grinding to occur in the future as funds are available and priorities allow, as determined by the West Boylston Tree Warden:

  • Woodland St at Shrine Ave, three trees: 14”dbh Ash, 18”dbh Ash, 24”dbh Ash;
  • 4 Yale St, one tree: 19”dbh Hickory;
  • 5 Yale St, one tree: 28”dbh Pine (remove dead limbs only);
  • 284 Maple St, near Pole #65, one tree: 17”dbh Ash;
  • 254 Maple St, facing Pole #58, one tree: 28”dbh Ash;
  • 254 Maple St, facing Pole #59, one tree: 30”dbh Maple;
  • Deleted from proposal due to budget and location;
  • 38 Maple St, one tree: 36”dbh Ash;
  • 54 Maple St, near Poles #13 and 14, three trees: 10”dbh, 17”dbh, 18”dbh Ashes;
  • Deleted from proposal due to budget and location;
  • 95 Maple St (facing), one tree: 20”dbh Ash;
  • 101 Maple St, near Pole #26, one tree: 35”dbh Ash;
  • Maple St, facing Pole #31, two trees: 15”dbh, 15”dbh Ashes;
  • 188 Maple St, one tree: 22”dbh Maple;
  • 50 Shrewsbury St, one tree: 28”dbh, 30”dbh Ashes (remove dead branches only);
  • Shrewsbury St, facing Pole #15, one tree: 24”dbh Ash;
  • 75 Shrewsbury St, facing Pole #16, three trees: 12”dbh, 12”dbh, 12”dbh Ashes;
  • 111 Shrewsbury St, facing Pole #26, one tree: 24”dbh Cherry;
  • 137 Shrewsbury St, two trees: 15”dbh, 18”dbh Ashes;
  • Shrewsbury St, near Poles #31 and 32, two trees: 15”dbh Fir, 15”dbh 12ft Trunk;
  • 10 Maple St, one tree: 36”dbh Ash.

The Department of Public Works was created by Town Meeting vote in May of 2004 and consolidates the functions of the Office of the Tree Warden, Streets and Parks Department and the Sewer Department.  

Town of West Boylston 127 Hartwell Street, Suite 100, West Boylston, MA 01583
Phone: 508-835-6240 Fax: 508-835-4102
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