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Master Plan of the Town of West Boylston
On September 14, 2005, the Planning Board voted to accept the plan as drafted and presented by the Town Wide Planning Committee as the Master Plan for the Town of West Boylston.  This document represents several years of hard work by many citizens and elected officials and offers an in depth examination of the state of the town in a variety of important areas and looks to where we, as a town, hope to go in the future. We invite you to review our plan online.

The Implementation Plan lists the necessary tasks to implement the Master Plan and which person, board or committee has responsibility for each task.  Reports on our progress are also available on the links above.

The Master Plan begins like this:

"West Boylston is a charming New England town that exemplifies the best features of small-town life. We enjoy a beautiful natural environment, highlighted by the scenic Wachusett Reservoir. We cherish our historic roots, large expanses of protected open space, family-oriented neighborhoods, specialty retail shops, and a limited but productive industrial base. Our educational system and municipal services make efficient use of local tax dollars and offer top-notch quality. As an integral part of the Central Massachusetts region, our town has access to cultural assets and employment opportunities that rank among the best in New England. We have worked to craft a well thought out Master Plan that will meet the needs of the citizens of West Boylston.

The Town-Wide Planning Committee understands that residents appreciate the Town’s assets and do not wish to see radical change alter its overall appearance and small town charm. We seek to accommodate growth that will retain our character and make West Boylston an even better place to live and work. Our Vision of tomorrow includes:

A healthy, safe and clean environment similar to what we enjoy today.
An active citizenry involved in Town government dedicated to improving public services and nurturing our sense of community. The Town should adopt measures to encourage public participation in Town government.
Ample opportunity to participate in recreational activities suitable for those of all ages and abilities.
Improved communication and partnerships with state agencies such as the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Massachusetts Highway Department, other municipalities, and non-government agencies.
Equitable payment from the DCR, including in-kind contributions, for land held for water supply protection.
A school system with resources sufficient to provide a superior education for our children and is a source of pride for residents.
Preservation of plentiful open space in order to protect our natural resources, maintain scenic views, and offer residents the pleasure of enjoying an unspoiled environment.
Vibrant businesses and industries that provide employment, contribute to the tax base, and meet the needs of residents for goods and services.
A safe and efficient street network that offers convenient access to regional highways and community facilities, and protects neighborhood tranquility.
A network of sidewalks and trails between neighborhoods that provides ready access to commercial areas, schools, and recreation facilities.
A variety of housing options that meet the incomes, needs and lifestyles of a diverse population.
A strong supply of housing that is affordable and addresses the needs of our grown children and civil servants who appreciate what our community has to offer and who wish to live here.
A Route 12 Corridor that contains a mix of commercial activity to meet the needs of residents for goods and services. Our vision includes an improved roadway designed to carry traffic safely and smoothly, and an improved physical appearance (landscaping, lighting, signage, site design) that will make the Corridor an attractive gateway to the community.
Public buildings that are well maintained through adoption of a long-range capital improvement program, replacement of aging facilities on a priority basis, and investment in a sound maintenance program to prolong the useful life of such buildings.
An enhanced Town Center located in the vicinity of the Town Commons that can be the focal point of the Town’s civic and cultural affairs. The Town Hall should be as near the Town Center as possible.
Greater regional cooperation and partnerships with neighboring towns to meet our Town’s needs.
Based upon the above information, the Town Wide Planning Committee has authored the Town’s Master Plan; a document designed to provide suggestions to municipal departments, elected officials and residents of the Town on issues affecting the short and long range goals of the Town including action steps that can be taken to accomplish those goals."

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